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Hello! I remember you came by the other day… I was in the middle of baking a cake! Yes, I’m free to have a chat now. 

People always ask me how I got into baking! I had a regular 9 to 5 job, I hated it … And I always liked to bake, just as a hobby. I started selling cakes from home. I was getting more and more orders, so I quit my job – against everyone’s advice, I must say! But it’s definitely paid off. Two years later I opened this shop. I love it here.

The shop opened 31st August 2019. It’s just me and Meg working here, she works the front. There’s a lot of demand, so eventually she’ll become a baker too, so we can get more cakes out, and we’ll get someone else in for the shop front. 

My bestseller is probably anything with biscoff in, that’s really popular. I’ve got this biscoff cake to go out today for a customer’s 60th. I think that and the choc-chip brownies, they sell really well, they’re my favourite.

I get quite a lot of people asking for cake jars – it’s basically three cupcakes worth of cake, all smooshed together in a jar. The idea is you can take the lid off, have a bit, and then screw the lid back on and finish it another time. Me, I usually end up eating it in one go!

Most people take the cakes away, but there are a few that will eat them right away in the shop. I’m hoping to get some tables and chairs in. It’s nice and light in here, with the window. We decorated it all up, we’ve got the plants here – bit of an Ikea job, that.

The Underbanks is great, it’s old, and cute…very different from up the Mersey way. A lot of people say it reminds them of Chester, it’s historic like that, with the bridge as well, although it’s a bit quieter. I’d like more footfall in the future, definitely. They’re redoing the road up there at the moment, have you seen it? Hopefully when that’s done we’ll get more people coming down here, because it’s quite tucked away. I’d love it to be bustling. There’s a lot of startups and independent businesses like me on the Underbanks, partly because the rent isn’t too high. Do you know we’ve got a group chat for the street? It’s a real community.


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