a place that makes itself


In the 19th century Little Underbank was the finest shopping street in Stockport with hosiers, milliners, curriers and a jewellery shop with a superb automaton clock. Recently, with funding from the National Heritage Lottery, Stockport Council has begun a renewal programme.

Rediscovering the Underbanks is working with the local community and businesses to breathe new life into the area, bring new people to its distinctive topography and stories, and to transform Stockport’s historic high street into a vibrant destination for businesses and visitors.

The Writing Squad is creating the next generation of writers in the north through one to one support, workshops and projects.

In June 2019 and February 2020 Writing Squad writers spent time talking to the people who are making the new Underbanks, we wanted to capture the character of the place.

This is just a start, we hope more portraits of the Underbanks will soon be collected and this site, like the Underbanks themselves, will grow.

The writers taking part were Gabriel Evans, Jack Mann, James Giddings, James Varney, Katie Byford, Lenni Sanders, Lydia Allison, Ryan Watson and Sian Hughes. We were hosted for our first day above the Underbanks by Molly Newport at MMU Market Place Studios. Thereafter we based ourselves in the excellent Laco Cafe Bar and Bistro run by Marian.


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